Your success stories are the reason I do what I do. 

My mission is to amplify the impact and success that entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders and changemakers worldwide can have by teaching them how to present their ideas strategically and persuasively.

What some of the fabulous humans I work with are saying

Adrienne Alexander

“What Juanita does for all her speakers is nothing short of miraculous.

In fact, Juanita changed my life.”

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Dr George Blair-West

“After working with Juanita on my TEDx Talk, it was picked up as a feature talk on, garnered over 4 million views, and led to finding a publisher for my book.”

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Dr Gemma Sharp

“I would recommend Juanita to anyone. In the words of Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada movie, if you don’t hire her, you are an idiot!”

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Heidi Androl

Juanita is the kind of advisor one can only dream of having at their side when gearing up for a make-or-break presentation.”

“My only regret is not having Juanita by my side sooner.

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Katrina Marson

“I cannot recommend Juanita enough. My TEDx Talk has become a powerful and essential tool in my work to ensure that comprehensive relationship and sexuality education is recognised as a human right for all young people.”

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Dr Owen Ung

“No matter how experienced you think you are, if you want to broadcast your ideas and aspirations to the world, you need Juanita for maximum impact.”

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Brandie Price

“Juanita is a standout thought leader in the industry.

“I had been searching for precisely what Juanita offers for over a decade. I could not recommend her more!”

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Jodie Bignall

“Juanita was amazing. When I read the script she sent back to me, I cried. Juanita gave me a confidence I had not expected to receive in just a few hours.”

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Dr Danish Kazmi

“Juanita made my highly technical research accessible and exciting to audiences in a way I didn’t know was possible.”

“I could not have delivered this TEDx Talk without Juanita.”

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