Event Producer: Starting Early

Newspaper article entitled Kids help less fortunate. Dated 20 December 1985. From Satellite (local Brisbane) newspaper. Image in story features Jamboree Heights State School students Juanita Wheeler (nee Morrison) and sisters Elaine and Jill Moore with some of the toys they presented to Capt. Cecil Woodward of the Salvation Army. Blog title reads "Event Producer: Starting Early" with a read more button below.

On 20 December 1985, at the age of ten, I appeared in the local paper. I had organised a Christmas toy drive at my primary school with the help of two good friends.

It was my first (unpaid) role as an event producer.

Sorry, you just got promoted: why an apology and leadership development are a must.

Juanita sits in a boardroom in a leadership discussion with a staff member. She wears a white business blouse and her trademark red glasses. Juanita is the staff member. We are looking over the staff member's shoulder towards Juanita. 'Sorry, you just got promoted' appears in written text to the right of the photo image. Leadership development training. Leadership discussions. Professional development.

When people are told they are being promoted at work, it typically comes with congratulations, a pay increase, and a title bump. There are two critical elements almost universally missed during these conversations. The first is an apology – “Sorry you just got promoted”. The second is a sincere commitment to quality leadership development. Why […]

100% improvised: Jenny Wynter’s TEDx Talk

Jenny Wynter and Juanita Wheeler standing on stage explaining the fully improvised TEDx Talk Jenny is about to deliver at TEDxBrisbane.

I never in a million years thought I would invite a comedian to deliver an entirely improvised TEDx Talk as part of our 2022 speaker lineup. But I did. The TEDx Talks we normally curate with our TEDxBrisbane speakers are strategically planned, lovingly drafted, meticulously fact-checked, scrutinised, edited, memorised and rehearsed before they make it […]

Arrows, chain mail & Adrienne Alexander’s TEDx Talk

Adrienne Alexander wearing a green jacked and jeans delivering her TEDx Talk with both hands, open palms at 90 degrees to her side with palms facing front emphasising a point.

“She puts on chain mail and lets students fire real arrows at her!” These are the first words I ever heard to describe the educational revolutionary that is Adrienne Alexander. I was instantly hooked and needed to find out more. As part of our TEDxBrisbane curation program, we constantly monitor various channels and sources for […]

How Dr Danish Kazmi made a geotechnical TEDx Talk accessible

Danish Kazmi standing in the red circle on stage delivering his TEDx Talk at TEDxBrisbane.

Crafting and delivering a top-quality TEDx Talk is hard work for anyone. There are challenges for every speaker that they need to navigate and hurdles to overcome. These can include a fear of public speaking, ‘imposter syndrome’ or its equally problematic opposite – charismatic overconfidence, physical challenges with being on stage including temperature regulation, breathing […]

My side stage moment during Dan Allen’s TED Talk

Juanita on stage as host of TEDxBrisbane, wearing a red jacket with her right arm raised towards side stage, inviting the audience to welcome the next speaker to stage with applause.

I was standing at the side of the stage at TEDxBrisbane in December 2022 when a profound thing happened to me. My body told me, ‘This is your purpose’. That sounds decidedly woo-woo as I type it. I promise you it’s not (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m one of the least woo-woo […]