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Having a great idea is one thing. Presenting it in a way that convinces people to get on board is an entirely different skill set. The good news is, we can teach you.

We help entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders and changemakers to develop and deliver high impact presentations, worthy of their great ideas. If advancing your idea requires someone to say ‘yes’ – to a funding request, a business deal, legislative reform, or anything requiring action – we can help.

Whether you’re an introvert, extravert or ambivert; a first-time speaker or a more established presenter who needs to get more strategic when presenting, our services will help you lift your presentations to a whole new level.

Bad presentations are the place good ideas go to die. But with our help, you can leave them behind. Sign up to find out more about our upcoming courses, free webinars, downloadable guides and coaching.


See what people are saying

Juanita is the kind of advisor one can only dream of having at their side when gearing up for a make or break presentation. Her easy to implement, straightforward strategies, and techniques have saved me countless hours spinning my wheels. My only regret is not having Juanita and the Full & Frank methods by my side sooner.

Heidi Androl

Reporter | Fox Sports & ESPN

Juanita is a thought leader in this industry. Her Full & Frank method of teaching you everything that you need to know, and nothing that you don’t is not only immensely effective, but an enjoyable, no fluff experience. I had been on the search for exactly what she has to offer for more than a decade. I could not recommend her more!

Brandie Price

On-Camera Confidence & Image Expert

As a longtime brand and marketing strategist, working with celebrity talent and household name brands, I’ve come across few educators who’ve enlightened me with their presentation skills the way Juanita has. She is a gem of a human and an A+ coach. I couldn’t have been happier with her teaching methods and I am elated to have learned all I have from her.

Tanya Lou Armstrong

Celebrity Brand + Marketing Strategist

Get your audience to say yes.

Bad presentations are the place good ideas go to die.

We’ve developed the solution. Our step-by-step online course will teach you to develop and deliver high impact presentations worthy of your great ideas.

Enrollments are now open for the course commencing Monday 4 October, 2021.

Find out more about the course content on our Presenting for Impact course site.