What Juanita does for all her speakers is nothing short of miraculous.

Adrienne Alexander
Educational Revolutionary | TEDx Speaker

Juanita changed my life.”

I can’t describe how excited I was when I received the invitation to do a TEDx talk. Of course, I said yes immediately! Who wouldn’t? But despite being an accomplished educator and former entrepreneur with years of experience – there was a fair amount of imposter syndrome.  My fellow speakers were some of the most impressive people I have ever met, but this was an opportunity of a lifetime and I knew I had to do it – or regret saying no forever!

As a teacher and advocate for an education revolution, I was used to speaking in front of crowds, but those addresses, while based on my knowledge base and skills, were almost entirely spontaneous. I had never worked with a professional speechwriter and speaker coach before, and I had never been a part of a curation process where every word I planned to say needed to be placed into scripts, meticulously fact-checked, edited, verified against content requirements, memorised, and practised repeatedly in front of a group of very impressive peers.

The process was daunting, but it was exactly what was needed to make the difference between delivering a good and a great TEDx Talk.

What Juanita does for all her speakers is nothing short of miraculous.

First and foremost is her ability to see and bring out the extraordinary in all the people she works with, even when they can’t see it themselves. I can say, without even a shadow of a doubt that I would not have been able to get there without her wisdom and support.

In fact, Juanita changed my life.

Yes, she worked with me to craft and deliver an amazing speech I am immensely proud of, but she did so much more than that. Juanita convinced me I am a fabulous human, doing inspiring things. Someone worthy to step on that stage, to have my voice heard, and to be taken seriously.



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