“After working with Juanita on my TEDx Talk, it was picked up as a feature talk on TED.com, garnered over 4 million views, and led to finding a publisher for my book, How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life.”

George Blair-West
Psychiatrist | Author | Relationship Expert | TEDx Speaker

“Juanita’s expertise is on a level all of its own.”

In 2017, I worked with Juanita and saw her professional talents first-hand as a TEDxBrisbane speaker. She used her expertise in developing high-calibre talks to help me develop a script that would have maximum impact in the world. 
My talk was subsequently picked up as a feature talk on TED.com, garnering over 4 million views, and led to finding a publisher for my book, How to Make the Biggest Decision of Your Life.
I returned to speak at TEDxBrisbane 2022 on how the promises of romantic love can lead to higher divorce rates. I was able to appreciate the level of progression and sophistication that Juanita has brought to her method for identifying and selecting thought leaders, refining their world-changing ideas into strategically crafted scripts with calls to action, and training and developing often reluctant and inexperienced speakers to give compelling presentations. 
Her training sessions for the speakers covered evidence-based persuasion theories, neuroeconomics and stagecraft in an accessible and entertaining manner, giving speakers the tools they needed for this talk and all future speech development. 
As the author of five books and with scientific research that led to my admission to The New York Academy of Sciences, I have given countless presentations, from keynotes through all forms of media to running two-day workshops. 
Despite this experience, Juanita has taught me more than anyone how to give high-level presentations.
I would characterise my experience working with Juanita as having the opportunity to learn from someone who has genuinely mastered what they do, has taken it to a new level, and helped me understand how to apply this mastery. 
She has a deep understanding of how to make a real impact through effective communication that is constructed at multiple levels of presentation. These levels include thorough research, clarity of reasoning in constructing a bullet-proof, logical argument and a delivery that is both humorous and maximally engaging.
Juanita is recognised within the global TEDx community as an exemplary curator. A representative from a prominent, world-class TEDx event openly acknowledged to me that the way Juanita curates and trains speakers so they can share their ideas with the world, is on a level of expertise all of its own.
Juanita has all the knowledge, skills and mastery needed to teach thought leaders worldwide to present their ideas in a way that makes decision-makers sit up, pay attention and take action.

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