We love opportunities to share our knowledge, skills and experience, and add value to our wonderful community.  We very intentionally do our best to ensure there are event options at a range of price points.  Please check out the listings below – we’d love to see you there.


The Roadmap to Developing & Delivering high impact presentations

Having a great idea is one thing. Convincing people to get on board is an entirely different skill.

We’re running a free one-hour webinar in five different time slots throughout March (to accommodate our international audience) where we’ll introduce you to our 9-stage roadmap for developing and delivering high impact presentations that change minds and inspire action.  Presentations that are worthy of your great ideas.  

We typically only run webinars like this twice a year, so dive in now to avoid missing out. Click through to reserve your spot at your preferred time.


Online Courses

Presenting for Impact – Enrollments open now!

The most comprehensive, step-by-step program for developing and delivering high impact presentations.  

Presenting for Impact is the only implementation course of its kind, that shows you precisely how to develop and deliver a presentation like a professional, and how to change minds, inspire action and get your audience to say ‘yes’.

Bad presentations are the place good ideas go to die. But with our help, you’ll never have to deliver one again.

Enrollments open now for a limited time only!


On Clubhouse

Regular rooms with live coaching

We love Clubhouse and our growing Clubhouse community. We run several free sessions each week on a variety of topics to share knowledge, advice and strategies that we know will help entrepreneurs, executives, thought-leaders, and changemakers to achieve the results they seek.

Sign up for our weekly email updates to stay up to date regarding upcoming rooms and to access free accompanying resources.

If you aren’t on Clubhouse yet, but you’d like to be, we’re issuing invites to members of the Full & Frank community as they become available. 


Juanita’s Speaking Engagements

International Women’s Day: Stuartholme Event

Keynote Speaker: Juanita Wheeler

Juanita delivered the keynote address for this year’s International Women’s Day at an inspiring event for Stuartholme School students, alumnae, parents and friends.  Juanita was also a member of the guest panel, alongside other alumnae and faculty, discussing the challenges of gender bias and the steps that everyone can take to create an inclusive world.

Juanita is a Stuartholme alumna, having graduated in 1992.


FIA ‘How to Pitch’ Breakfast

Keynote Speaker: Juanita Wheeler 

This professional development breakfast is about helping you to be the best advocate for your organisation, so you can walk into a room and give a six minute presentation that conveys how important your mission is, and inspire people to actively support it.

Date: Tuesday 13 April, 2021

Time: 7am – 9:00am AEST